Getting started

​As the newest member to the GIS Consortium the Village of Mundelein
employees are seeking to leverage the efficiencies provided by the GIS
Consortium. Therefore the GIS Office is prioritizing the development of
the Map Office Products. MapOffice ™ allows users to access information
such as address, PIN, and voter information by address, intersection or
place. MapOffice™ Web Access provides more powerful tools that all users
to view utilities, find valves to isolate water mains during a water
main break incident and even provides access to information existing
community databases through Business Intelligence.

The first step in the process is to centralize existing data sources
as well data sources provided by the GIS consortium. The GIS Office is
currently in the process of copying existing data into the GISC
databases. The GIS Office has already created preliminary address data
as well as converted the majority of the Village’s base map layers.

It is expected that MapOffice and the majority of the data layers
required for it will be ready by the middle of November. Once the
utility data is converted to the GIS Consortium models, , MapOffice™ Web
Access will be ready for deployment. The final ongoing step will be
training employees how to use the MapOffice™ applications. By the end of
the first quarter of 2013, the employees of Mundelein will have access
to the great store of GIS information.

Village of Mundelein becomes 19th GIS Consortium member

​We are pleased to announce that the Village of Mundelein has become the
19th member of the GIS Consortium. With their membership the GIS
Consortium has grown to over half a million in population covering over
one-hundred and fifty square miles. As the Consortium continues to grow
the buying power and efficiency of our membership increases as the costs
of staffing, hardware and software are further distributed. We would
like to welcome Mundelein and look forward to an exciting and
collaborative partnership.​