2010 Orthophotography collection


As a member of the GIS Consortium the Village of Riverside
participates in an annual data collection process which allows them to
obtain remotely sensed information, or data collected from a distance.
An advantage for the community is that they receive cost savings being a
part of such a large group contracting these services. Data collection
from the past two years has provided planimetric data such as buildings,
driveways, roadways, etc. This spring the village collected a new
orthophoto. This orthophoto is a series of aerial photos that have been
geometrically corrected and referenced to remove distortions and
properly represent the location of features in the image.

A quality control procedure was conducted to check for issues
with image color, distortion, quality, shadow, and seam lines. When the
final product is provided the village will have access to a 3 inch
resolution orthophoto that will support planning and preliminary design,
map presentation, utility mapping, infrastructure alignment, provide a
historical record of development, and much more. This product is quite
improved from the other imagery available, being a 1 foot resolution
orthophoto from 2005.