Address database consolidation


Address data is the backbone of the municipal government. Services,
including refuse pickup and police and fire response, and taxes depend
on current and accurate addressing. The Village of Skokie Community
Development Department and Geographic Information System (GIS) staff
have realized the importance of consolidating address databases in the
recent months. A major factor in this decision was the difference in
address data for a recent mass mailing.

Working together, the two departments have come up with new business
processes to edit and create addresses in GIS. While this will save time
and money in the long run, there has been a large time commitment in
data entry and will have more time committed to training Community
Development staff in the future.

This is just one example of how GIS can be leveraged. Instead of
multiple departments tracking the same data, a central repository of
data (GIS) can be viewed throughout the organization. By editing the
data in one location, it limits errors and reduces the overall time
needed to maintain the data. IT just makes sense.