Adopt-A-Roadway Management

​The Village of Mundelein is the process of implementing an Adopt-A-Road program.  These programs provide opportunities for groups to adopt a section of roadway and get involved in helping to maintain it by picking up litter and trash.  This program is part of a bigger effort to make the Village look more attractive to both residents and visitors alike and a critical component of the program is tracking which sections of road are available and which sections are already adopted by groups.

To assist with tracking this information in a way that is easily consumable by those answering questions about the program, the Assistant Director of Public Works asked the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) office to create a map to hang on the wall in Public Works showing all potential Adopt-A-Roadway sections in the Village.  The sections were color coded red to show sections that were adopted and green for available sections.  This map provides a quick view for staff of which segments are available so they can contact organizations near those areas to determine if any of them are interested in adopting the roadway. 

A future is step in the project is creating a custom layer showing potential roadway sections for display in the village’s interactive web-based mapping application, MapOffice™, which is accessible by anyone from the village website.  Exposing this information on the village website will allow interested organizations to find their own available road segments and place a request to adopt them by referencing a hyperlink to the road adoption form that will be associated with each road segment in the map.  By using GIS the village is leveraging a powerful tool to better manage and promote the Adopt a Roadway program and ensure that future programs like it have a model of success to follow.