ArcGIS Online Collector Application

The ArcGIS Online Collector Mobile Application puts mapping in the hands of users out in the field and eliminates the need for paper maps by using Tablets and Smartphones to collect information.  The applications allows users to collect and update GIS data and then sync back with the original GIS databases eliminating the need for the GIS Specialist to enter the data once it comes back in from the field.  The application can be run on either iOS or Android devices and it can use either an internet connection, or the maps and information can be downloaded to the device and the user can work offline before synching back with the database once an internet or WiFi connection is established.


Currently, GIS Consortium communities are using the ArcGIS Online Collector Application to collect things such as Capital Improvement Projects, sidewalk information, and street signs.  The GIS Consortium is looking towards the future by possibly using the Collector Application to track and update utility information out in the field.  By using the ArcGIS Online Collector Application, the communities of the GIS Consortium are using technology to make field collection easier and more efficient.