Assisting the Police Department with Residential Only Permit Notification


The Records Clerk for the Police Department is responsible with
sending out notices to residents who qualify for Residential Only
Parking Permits. These are permits that permit residents to of certain
areas to park on specific streets as described in the ordinances. It is
important that all the residents who qualify for the permits are
notified. Otherwise if they park on the street they will be ticketed.

Previously the address list for each permit was stored in an Excel
worksheet. This made it hard to maintain as updates were performed
manually. Also, there were no guarantees that they would be notified of
address updates. The GIS Office was asked if they could setup an
automated process that would generate an address list for each Resident
Only Permit. Using GIS software the extent specified for each permit
was created as an area. Next areas not designated as a residential
zoning district were removed. Finally all the address points within
these areas were selected and summarized to remove duplicates. The
final product was an Excel Worksheet with a list of addresses for each
resident only permit area.

Without access to GIS software, the Police Department would still be
using outdated address list stored in Excel. By using GIS software,
address list can be generated using the GIS address database which is
the master address database for the City. Thus the City will save money
by not sending notices to incorrect addresses or have to worry about
missing addresses that should be included in a Resident Only Permit