Assisting with commission of fire accreditation international review


Every five years the City of Highland Park must be renew their
accreditation with the Commission of Fire Accreditation International
(CFAI). This involves gathering a lot of information regarding Fire
Department resources such as station response times and resource
deployment. It also includes gathering demographic information about
the community such as age and population density. The goal of the
accreditation review is to assess the City’s Fire Department ability to
properly deploy resources.

One report required by CFAI is a breakdown of the types of structures
per fire grid. Essentially they are looking for primary structures
such as a house or shopping center versus a secondary structure such as a
garage or shed. They also want a breakdown of the use for each
structure such as residential, commercial, or school. Creating this
report requires classifying each structure with a type classification
derived from address point information and then assigning it a Zoning
District designation as well as a Fire Grid designation to each

The address classification, Zoning District classification, building
areas, and Fire Grids were combined into one summary table by using GIS.
This table was then summarized by Fire Grid to create a final report
of the types of structures for each Fire Grid. Without the
availability of GIS, this report would have taken many more man hours
and involved several Departments to create an estimate of structures per
Fire Grid.