Available Commercial Properties Interactive Map



Historically, the Village of Glencoe has kept track of all available commercial properties located within the Village limits.  This list was available as a Microsoft Word Document and located on the Village’s website.  This document contained a picture of the property as well as any relevant information such as address, square footage, and contact information.  The Village decided that they wanted to make it easier for prospective buyers and renters to compare properties, so they asked the GIS Department to create a map that provided location and attribute information. 

An interactive online map was created using a product from ESRI called ArcGIS Online.  This product creates something called a “Story Map”, which is a combination of pictures, maps, and information.  The Story Map created specifically for Glencoe has an interactive map with points representing each available property.  When a user clicks on the point, a pop-up window appears that contains a picture of the property as well as information about the property.  The user can easily navigate between locations to do a comparison of each property.  By using GIS, the Village of Glencoe is able to provide prospective commercial real estate buyers and renters with a tool that makes it easier for them to make buying and renting decisions.