Bike Route Extension Proposal

​For a 7.5 mile stretch of Dundee Rd., from Milwaukee Ave. to Green
Bay Rd., the only section without a bikeable sidewalk or path is a small
section within Wheeling village limits from the Des Plaines River to
the Interstate 294 overpass. Without a path or sidewalk, this section of
Dundee Rd. can be dangerous for any biker who attempts to ride in the
grass or on the street itself. The Village of Wheeling is looking to
build a bike path to connect the two sections to help provide a safe
passage for bicyclists.

Using GIS, the village planner was able to put together multiple maps
to use in proposals to outside agencies for additional funding for the
project. The maps show the location of the proposed extension in
relation to other bike paths in the area, while also showing how the
extension will help connect the existing bike path network. By using
GIS, the maps were created quickly and used information from neighboring
communities that might not have been available and the map had to be
created by hand. No matter what the decision is on additional funding,
GIS helped play a role in getting the proposal to the table.