Bus route mapping


Due to its close proximity to the City of Chicago, the Village of
Norridge has an extensive bus route system containing routes from the
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Pace and its own publically funded
internal system. These routes travel on every major street within the
village and in most cases overlap each other creating a vast network of
routes and stops. If a village resident wanted to know what routes
traveled through the village, the resident would have to access the
individual websites for the CTA, Pace and the Village of Norridge to get
information about their respective routes.

The Village of Norridge requested that a map be put together
containing all bus routes within the village. This map would allow a
village resident to view all bus routes in a single source instead of
accessing multiple sources. The challenge would be to make every bus
route visible because in some cases there are four or five different bus
routes running on the same street. The solution was to remove detail
on either side of the road in order to leave room for stacking the bus
routes next to each other when needed. Although the routes would not be
to scale, the resident would be able to distinguish the routes from
each other and still know which roads the bus routes travel on.

The final product consists of a map of the village road network with
colored lines representing the different bus routes. For each route
that leaves the village, the major stop is listed in the direction of
the route so a village resident can make an informed decision on which
bus is the best to take when traveling to a destination outside the
village limits. The map is accessible via the Geographic Information
System (GIS) section of the Village of Norridge website and a pamphlet
was created that can be obtained from the front counter at village hall.