Business intelligence for MapOffice

Blog_Busin'essintelligenceforMapOffice.pngThe GIS Consortium (GISC) Information Technology Technical committee met
this week to review and discuss the upcoming business intelligence
functionality for MapOffice™ Advanced. For years the GIS Consortium has
been working to provide authoritative community data on demand in a
spatial context. Until now the mapping of community enterprise data
relied on Specialists to geocode. Last year Tom Thomey, MGP Inc
Executive laid out the vision to be able to map real-time community data
in MapOffice™ Advanced at the 2009 GISC Annual Board of Directors
meeting. With the roll out of business intelligence this month this has
become a reality. Business intelligence allows community staffs to
interact with a wide variety of data from their community enterprise
systems. Users have the ability to create custom on demand requests.
These queries or searches can be saved and run daily. With business
intelligence community IT departments are able to setup this service
securely in MapOffice™ to give staffs the ability to spatially analyze
their enterprise system data like permits, business licenses and crime
incidences on demand. In summary business intelligence, leverages the
community’s GIS investment, provides information on demand and improves