Calls for Service Using the Business Intelligence by Address Tool


The Elk Grove Village, IL Police Department staff now has the ability
to quickly map out live data using a new tool available in the
village’s browser-based mapping application, MapOffice™ Advanced,
called Business Intelligence by Address. It provides the user the
ability to query a property and return all records associated with that
property from every local database that is connected to the application.

The Calls for Service Database is useful for police staff looking
into all complaints or historical crime information about a property.
The database will pull every police incident for that property,
including data as recent as the previous day. A user also has the
ability to export the returned information as a spreadsheet. This tool
is extremely useful for police officers or detectives that want to
compare police incidents directly, with as much information as possible,
when arriving to a scene. The databases that are currently connected
MapOffice™ are animal licenses, permit inspections, business licenses,
permits, variances, and fire inspections.