Glen Ellyn joins the GIS Consortium

​We are excited to announce the newest member of the GIS Consortium, the
Village of Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  Glen Ellyn becomes the 23rd member of
the GIS Consortium and the fourth member to join this year! The
Consortium and MGP are looking forward to the beginning of another
successful partnership.​

GIS Supports Recent Flood Emergency Response Efforts

​We contributed an article on page six of the Illinois City/County
Managers Association (ILCMA) June 2013 newsletter.The article discusses
the vital role of GIS when it comes to emergency response. It
illustrates that a GIS program is a powerful asset for a community’s
emergency response infrastructure and provides some recommendations to
local governments on how to utilize GIS more effectively. The full
article is available on the ILCMA website.​

Northbrook becomes the 22nd member of the Consortium.

​The Consortium is pleased to announce the membership of the Village of
Northbrook. The Village has a long history when it comes to using GIS.
Two of the reasons cited by the Village for joining was to create a GIS
program that was centralized within the organizations along with one
that supports the needs of their residents. The Consortium congratulates
its 22nd member and is excited to get started.​

Buffalo Grove joins the GIS Consortium

​We are very pleased to announce our newest GIS Consortium member, the
Village of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Buffalo Grove becomes the 21st
member of the GIS Consortium and the 7th Lake County community. The
program was kicked off last week and we want to welcome the entire
Village of Buffalo Grove staff to the GIS Consortium.​

Village of Woodridge becomes 20th GIS Consortium member

​We are pleased to announce the joining of the Village of Woodridge as
the 20th member of the GIS Consortium. The Village approved membership
at their December 13th Village Board meeting. We are excited about
adding a new member and are looking forward to the beginning of another
collaborative partnership.​

Village of Mundelein becomes 19th GIS Consortium member

​We are pleased to announce that the Village of Mundelein has become the
19th member of the GIS Consortium. With their membership the GIS
Consortium has grown to over half a million in population covering over
one-hundred and fifty square miles. As the Consortium continues to grow
the buying power and efficiency of our membership increases as the costs
of staffing, hardware and software are further distributed. We would
like to welcome Mundelein and look forward to an exciting and
collaborative partnership.​

GIS Innovation in Local Government

​We contributed an article on page five of the Illinois City/County
Managers Association (ILCMA) June 2012 newsletter. The article discusses
innovations in GIS systems. It also discusseses how economic challenges
are changing the way GIS is being implmented. While not specifically
about the GIS Consortium the article does rely heavily on trends in GIS
and technology we have been working on over the past several years. The
full article is available on the ILCMA website.

New Combination View for MapOffice


Two new enhancements have been made to MapOffice™ this month. They
include combination view and auto complete for find and go. Combination
view provides the ability to see the standard GISC map side by side with
both Google Street View and Microsoft Bird’s Eye View. Clicking any of
the maps will update the corresponding maps. The combination of the
three views in a single image provides new opportunities and
efficiencies for field verification. The enhancement to the find and go
will provide the user with suggestions for possible address matches. The
intent is to make the search function more user friendly and increase
its accuracy. Both of these new enhancements are available in MapOffice™
Public and MapOffice™ Advanced.

MapOffice updated search options


This month’s update includes the debut of some much anticipated
enhancements to MapOffice™. Enhanced search options were added in both
MapOffice™ Advanced and Public. This enhancement offers the ability to
search for an address including its unit (e.g. #, Suite, -, Apt, Unit)
or search for familiar landmarks without knowing an exact address (e.g.
police, fire, library, park). In addition to this enhancement new
reports were added to the existing community statistics tool. They
provide the ability to export results to a spreadsheet as well as five
new custom queries related to garbage pickup, fire hydrants, and Tax
Increment Financing (TIF) Districts. The community statistics is
available only in MapOffice™ Advanced users.

MapOffice Web Access rollout

​The newest GIS Consortium product MapOffice™ Web Access was rolled out
on Febuary 22nd. This application builds on the advanced version of
MapOffice™ currently being hosted on community member’s local network.
By centrally hosting this application on the Internet, the GIS
Consortium can now provide greater opportunity for cost sharing and
support for mobile users within a controlled and secured environment.​