Celebrating 50 Years map

​In 2007 the Village of Lincolnshire celebrated their 50th
Anniversary. To mark this occasion the Village planned multiple events
to occur around the 4th of the July holiday. As part of the planning
phase the Village requested the Geographic Information System (GIS)
Department to review the possibility of creating a custom banner to
celebrate this occasion. The requirements of the banner were two fold,
one, to show and illustrate important village information and two, be
large enough to promote public interaction. The project included the
interaction of multiple village departments contributing valuable input
including content, history and statistical data. The total project can
be broken down into three simple project phases which are listed below:

Phase 1: Planning Phase

Phase 2: Banner Research and Banner Content Development Phase

Phase 3: Banner production and delivery Phase

Phase 1: The Planning Phase lasted one month and was completed four
months prior to the planned 4th of July and 50th Anniversary
celebrations. Based on the information provided to the GIS Department
organization and outlines of the banner’s template began to take shape.
After multiple reviews and adjustments the banner template the overall
concept was completed. The final banner layout was set to be eight-one
inches wide by thirty-six inches tall in order to meet requirements of
the village’s color plotter and the content was to set to include six
separate categories.

Phase 2: The banner research and banner content development phase
finalized the following six categories formulated around a graphic
timeline. The categories included:

  • Graphic maps depicting annexation and corporate limits by decade as the village grew over time
  • Chart timeline showing all past and current village board members and mayors
  • Population growth and statistical timeline
  • Unique village milestones and their respective dates shown along a timeline
  • General village statistics
  • Aerial imagery overviews provided by outside sources for 1939, 1974, and 2006

This phase included multiple reviews, research and update cycles
based on valuable village staff feedback. This phase also included
researching outside sources to finalize banner content.

Phase 3: The third and final phase of this project was production.
From here, the GIS Departments took on the responsibility to take all
the information provided, finalize the banner and use available
resources plot and mount the banner. The banner was completed using
ArcView and exported to PDF format for reproduction. The banner was
then printed in-house using the village’s plotter saving reproduction
costs. The banner was reviewed one final time and then printed on high
quality heavy gloss paper, sprayed with a fixer to avoid any smearing
and mounted on multiple backboards

The final project outcome was well received by both village staff and
the general public. By deploying the proper planning methods and
conducting multiple review cycles all parties involved in the project
were able to provide and take ownership on the overall banner product.
The final banner was completed and proudly displayed at the village’s
50th Anniversary Celebration, a great example of how the village staff
and the GIS Department could work together to accomplish an important
and specific task.