City Uses GIS to Aid in Going Green


During the 2012 fiscal year, the City of Lake Forest has been
receiving and delivering new recycling carts to all of its households.
To aid in ordering the needed number of bins, a list of all
non-commercial addresses in the City was generated. The Sanitation and
Public Works departments were responsible for keeping track of who was
in need of a bin throughout the year, with the goal of having each
household’s bin delivered within the year.

In late February, GIS was asked to take the project one step further
by comparing who has had a bin delivery to who is still in need of one.
This was accomplished through geocoding the list of deliveries to the
master address list, and then selecting those residences that have not
had a delivery and creating a new list. In addition to the new list, a
map was created to give a spatial reference on locations that did not
have a bin. Interestingly, there was no trend found on areas that needed
delivery, which made having a spatial reference even more valuable.

While this project was relatively simple to accomplish, the time
saved by using GIS to generate the new table proved to be a big help to
the Public Works department.