City uses GIS to locate new athletic facilities


The City of Lake Forest Park Recreation Department is considering
installing a new football field and or new soccer fields at Deerpath
Park. The flood way and flood plain for the Skokie River run through
Deerpath Park. It was important that any new facilities were not placed
in the flood plain. Another concern was how the new facilities would
fit into the existing park.

The City asked the GIS Office to assist with the analysis of the best
location to place new facilities. The City provided the GIS with a PDF
of a plan for an As Built for an existing football field and soccer
field. This image was scaled and overlaid on a base map and imagery.
Several maps showing the proposed football placed in different locations
were also produced.

It was finally decided that running the software live would allow the
images to be dragged and rotated to different locations. This allowed
the participants to visualize how different configurations would look in
the existing park and how close the new facilities would be to the
existing flood plain and flood way.

By using GIS software the City has a powerful visual tool for finding
the best location for a new football field and soccer field. They
could instantly see how the new facilities would look in the existing
park. Without GIS the city would have spent a tremendous amount of time
doing field surveys and measurements of the existing Park.