Collaboration to develop emergency dispatch systems

​MGP Inc. through it’s relationship with the GIS Consortium has
in-depth experience building GIS data for New World Systems (NWS)
implementations. GIS data has been built for the following
municipalities by MGP; Glenview, Deerfield, Highland Park, Lincolnwood,
Winnetka, Wilmette*, Kenilworth*, Grays Lake* and Bannockburn.* The
communities with a "*" are not members of the GIS Consortium.

The building of NWS data is another example of how collaboration has
reduced costs for GISC members using NWS for emergency dispatch. With
each implementation the time spent preparing the data and assuring the
accuracy of conversion from the GISC model to the NWS model improves.
Conversion scripts and best practices have been developed and are shared
throughout the GISC. GIS data that supports New World’s GIS mapping
system has been built and converted with repeated and predicable
success. NWS has recognized the GISC for its ability to manage and
create quality GIS data to be used in their systems.