Collecting GIS data in the field

​Starting in 2009, the Village of Wheeling began using a survey grade
GPS system to collect utility information in the field. The village
started with the sanitary system, moved on to the water system, and is
then planning to collect information for the storm system last.
Collecting this information using a survey grade system provides a level
of accuracy not normally seen in field collection GPS and allows the
data to be integrated into GIS and CAD with minimal effort.

By using a combination of the GPS system, satellite mission planning,
and survey equipment, the village engineers were able to accurately
collect utility locations. When each system is completed, the points
collected in the field will then be loaded into the GIS system and its
utility models. By having more accurate data that is verified in the
field, the data can be used in a number of GIS projects such as water
main break analysis, outfall tracing, and inclusion in MapOffice™
Advanced. Without the most up to date utility data, the analyses could
result in incorrect data and conclusions.