Comcast Address Review


In the past, The Village of Wheeling has helped utility companies,
such as NiCOR and ComEd, with their customer address data. They provide
the Village with a list of addresses that they have in their databases,
and those are then reviewed by the Village to determine whether the
addresses are valid or not. The addresses are then sent back to the
utility company with various notes on the addresses status of validity.
Last year, Comcast sent in its address database to be reviewed, and was
provided with a typical reviewed database in return. This summer,
Comcast sent a follow-up list with addresses that were not returned in
the original delivery, but had been listed as Wheeling addresses in
their databases. Also included in the delivery was a list of addresses
that may or may not have been annexed in the past 5 years. The
annexation date could have an effect on who received fees from Comcast:
Wheeling, a neighboring community, or Cook County.

The GIS Department used its existing address database to compare to
the one provided by Comcast. First, the Comcast addresses were mapped
out against the Wheeling database, and any discrepancies were noted.
Then, the addresses that did not match any known Wheeling addresses were
mapped out against the Village’s street address range, to determine if
they could be an address in the future or possibly a typo in the address
number. Finally, a detailed list was sent back to Comcast broken down
into three categories: Matched Address, Matched Street Range, and
Unmatched. For the annexation data, the addresses were mapped out and
compared to the Village’s annexation history data. The annexation year
for each area that addresses fell in was attached to the data. None of
the addresses provided by Comcast fell within the 5 year annexation time
frame. By using GIS, the Village of Wheeling is able to help Comcast
and other utility companies with cleaning up their address data and
ensuring that fees are paid to the correct authority.