ComEd Disaster Exercise


In the wake of last year’s power outages, the Village of Skokie has been
working with ComEd to solidify the communication during outage events.
On June 21, 2012 the Village, ComEd and other surrounding communities
participated in disaster exercise aimed at testing the communication and
response in the Village and with ComEd. The exercise, a simulated
tornado, called for events ranging from gas leaks and fires to
overturned tankers spilling fuel into the sewer system to looters. The
Village’s Geographic Information System (GIS) played a supporting role
in the dissemination of information once events began to occur. Using a
database to input the calls for service and MapOffice™ Advanced to
display the information through Business Intelligence, the GIS
Specialist was able to track events and gives decision makers more
information to make better informed decisions.