ComEd Owned Street Light Audit


Like a lot of communities around Chicago, The Village of Glencoe has a small collection of street lights that they own and maintain.  The rest of the lights are owned and maintained by ComEd, and The Village is then billed for their usage.  ComEd provides The Village of Glencoe with a list of all the lights in its database that are within Glencoe’s village limits.  The Public Works department asked the GIS Department to see if all the lights could be mapped out and then analyzed to make sure that The Village was being billed correctly and that ComEd had the right information for each street light that they owned.

The GIS Department began using a combination of address information, aerial imagery, and Google Streetview to find the locations of each street light provided by ComEd.  First, the street light locations were mapped against the Village’s address and street range databases placing them in the general vicinity.  Then by using a combination of aerial imagery and Google Streetview, the locations of each light were narrowed down.  Any street lights in the ComEd database that can’t be mapped will be then marked in the database and the Village will have to have discussions with ComEd to figure out the discrepancy.  When the street light mapping is completed, The Village of Glencoe will then be assured that they are being billed correctly for their street light usage and that their own street light database is up-to-date.