Construction Improvement Projects Overlay


It’s that time of year again. Just as the warm temperatures surge
northward from the Gulf of Mexico, the start of Road Construction season
begins. Many of these improvement projects can create large traffic
buildups and frustrate many commuters and residents. Keeping the public
notified on what projects are currently in progress, so they can plan
their commuting routes accordingly is very important.

The Construction Improvement Projects (CIP) Overlay is a quick
and simple way for the public to get all the updated information on the
construction projects that are ongoing in the village. As you can see in
the figure above, the map display is easy to read and provides a quick
look up on the areas undergoing construction. The pink areas will be
undergoing Road Construction, while the blue areas are undergoing other
Improvement Projects. As an added bonus, the user can click on any of
the icons or highlighted areas, which will provide them with all of the
key information pertaining to that project including Project Type,
Project Name, a short description, Start Date, Completion Date,
Contractor, Contact Information, and the Project Impact. A direct link
to the website associated with each project whether it is from the
Village of Elk Grove’s Construction Webpage, IDOT, or the Illinois
Tollway Department for more information.