Contact information lookup in GIS


As the Elk Grove Village Geographic Information System (GIS) was
developing their address data it was necessary to gather information
from various resources from inside and outside The Village. Many
departments had resources with resident and business contact information
which result from various existing billing, permit, and inspection
procedures such as utility billing, fire inspections, and business
licenses. It became apparent that combined together these resources
could be extremely useful for village staff and they could be
consolidated knowing all records were organized by address information.

After meeting with data administrators in each department, GIS staff
charted what information is collected and when. The GIS and IT staff
then collaborated to make information from all of the in-house datasets
available to staff via their interactive mapping program. This tool
now consists of almost a dozen sources that are often updated
independently ensuring currency of the information and is used
extensively by staff because it has given them the ability to lookup and
verify contacts in ways that are extremely rapid compared to those
available to them before.​