Creating a Regional Interstate Map for Public Safety


Lake Forest Public Safety recently requested that GIS develop a
regional map displaying key locations around interstates 94 and 294. The
map displays interstate mile markers and crossover locations.
Surrounding Hospital and Fire Station locations are also illustrated and
labeled on the map. This map provides a large scale reference and quick
snapshot of the Lake Forest region. Dispatch personnel can promptly
reference this wall map and direct responding officer’s to the
appropriate interstate crossover and important infrastructure locations.

Dispatch personnel provided GIS with a spreadsheet containing
regional fire station and hospital address information. In addition,
interstate mile marker and crossover location data was downloaded from
the Illinois Department of Transportation. The addresses and interstate
data were then integrated into GIS and mapped with appropriate remaining
regional information (railroads and major streets). By using this map
in the Dispatch Command Center and in Public Safety Vehicles, public
safety support personnel have quick regional reference of surround
interstate features, fire stations, and hospitals.