Crime reporting using GIS


The City of Highland Park Police Department and GIS have recently
collaborated to introduce Crime Maps for the publics’ viewing purposes.
Historically, Highland Park residents would not have the ability to view
where crime is occurring in the area. Now, with a click of the mouse
they can view month by month maps of crimes in Highland Park.

Each month, data is sent to the GIS staff from Police that includes
the addresses and the type of incidents. Using this information, the GIS
staff is able to map out each crime location and provide a map product
to the department showing crime totals. From there, it is placed on the
Highland Park webpage for the public to easily access and view.

Without GIS, it would be increasingly difficult to spatially view
crime patterns and understand where problems are occurring in the city.
By tracking the crime spatially, the Police Department is able to view
possible areas of high incidents.