Custom Contour Overlay for MapOffice Advanced


The Village of Lincolnshire has a rich intranet based mapping
application MapOffice™ Advanced for all village users to access while on
the network. The application has tools designed to fulfill business
processes of the village staff to obtain information on a daily basis.
MapOffice™ Advanced has a specific view to show Digital Terrain and
Contour Information for viewing elevation data. Some users informed the
GIS Department that they would like view just the Contour Information
separate from the Terrain View. The goal was to provide village staff
with a cleaner version of the Contour Information which could be used
when printing Utility Infrastructure Maps. It was decided that a Custom
Contour Overlay would be created to fulfill this request.

The GIS Department created and specific data layer that would display
the Contour Information and worked with development staff to load this
data layer as a Custom Overlay view within the MapOffice™ Application.
When the data layer was completed, reviewed, and approved the
application was updated to reflect the overlay. The end result gave
village staff the ability to display the overlay when needed and print
simple Contour and Utility Maps from MapOffice™ Advanced