Deerfield Cemetery Searchable Map

The Village of Deerfield, IL Cemetery contains the burials site of many of the founding members of the community and other influential citizens that have resided within the boundaries of Deerfield over the history of the community. Up until recently, the only way to find information regarding burial locations in the cemetery was to go to the Deerfield Historical Society and view paper documents and books in various states of condition and quality.  To help make this information more accessible, the Deerfield Cemetery Association and the village’s Community Development department worked with the village Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department to provide a spatial solution to locating burial plots within the cemetery.   

Historical information such as burial location, historical accounts, and veteran status were collected and standardized so they could be easily integrated into the GIS environment.  All of this data was added to an online map application that allowed the burial plot locations to be viewed in conjunction with an aerial image of the cemetery. To make the information easier to access, a function was added to the map that allows for users to search for any person buried in the cemetery by section, birthdate, day of death, or by any part of their name.  By exposing this information in a spatial environment, the residents of Deerfield and genealogy researchers now have a tool to open up a new world of data. This map will also continue to evolve as more information and research are added to the online application.