Deerfield Fine Arts Festival

The Village of Deerfield, IL Fine Arts Festival is an annual event that brings many renowned artists from around the Midwest together to celebrate art, present exhibitions, and display their products. This event has been growing in popularity and attendance from year to year, so for 2014 the village decided to take a multi-departmental approach to planning. To assist with these planning efforts, the village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department was asked to develop a map product that could be used as a universal communication medium for the event. 

Working with the Public Works, Police, and Community Development departments, map products were created showing the locations of vendor booths and exhibitions, parking areas and what they were to be utilized for, and the location of village equipment such as temporary No Parking signs, Handicap Parking areas, and road closure barriers.  Having this type of information exposed in a spatial environment helped each department better understand what was needed to execute the event and help to communicate between departments what the logistics would be leading up to and during the event.

Another aspect of this process was working closely with police and public works to plan and map traffic pattern changes and road closure implementations. By assigning police resources a certain area of the festival and showing the patrol patterns, as well as showing the road closure signage and equipment, a clear map showing the overall plan was able to be distributed to event attendees, vendors, and staff to assure the festival was well-coordinated and executed without any major communication issues.