Demonstrating the value of a new program

​As a new member of the GIS Consortium, the top priority of the Tinley
Park GIS program is to demonstrate value of the new GIS program to
decision makers in the village. This will be accomplished by; focusing
on creating a centralized place for geographic data and maps,
streamlining current business processes, such as looking up zoning for
parcels, and by empowering citizens to find information about their
properties. All of these areas of focus will be made much easier with
the set-up, implementation of and training for Map Office & Map
Office Advanced. Map Office & Map Office Advanced is a powerful and
simple to use web based tool developed by the GIS Consortium for use by
its member communities. MapOffice Advanced™ allows for a property
search by either its address or PIN and provides numerous tools for
retrieving information about that property. Default tools include a
property summary that lists information such as zoning and voting
districts and a measure tool for determining a property’s area or
distance to another map feature. By using a web-based approach MapOffice
Advanced™ is made accessible across multiple industry and community
platforms, creating a powerful application for gathering information.​