Detour Ahead: Glenview assists residents by mapping out traffic flow impacts


Each year, Glenview Capital Projects staff members compile a list of
improvement projects that will affect traffic flow in the area. In the
past, they have shared this information with the public on a static PDF
map as well as in Google Maps. This year, they were able to take
advantage of the option to publish custom overlays in MapOffice™ so that
the public could see the work in relationship to a highly accurate
online map of Glenview. The final product displayed not only planned
projects by the Village, but also state initiatives as well as the
nationally renowned Encompass Golf Championship at Glenview Golf Club.

In the short time since its release, this interactive map has been
viewed more than 600 times. A link from the main page of the Village
website opens MapOffice™ with the layer already turned on, and an
information box tells the users that they can click on any line or icon
to view details about the event. Once the users click on a location, a
pop-up box briefly explains the project and its anticipated impact. It
also provides additional links to project blogs and maps as available.
As the summer projects progress, this map will serve as a one-stop
resource for Glenview residents to find updates.