Developing a Complete Streets Policy and Non-Motorized Transportation Plan


The City of Highland Park is in the process of developing a complete
street and non-motorized transportation plan that reflects the best
practices for bicycle and pedestrian planning. Revising the plan
involves reviewing existing sidewalk, major roads, and other
transportation features. The goal of the plan is to ensure the City
properly develops a transportation plan that will serve cyclists,
pedestrians, disabled transit users as well as users of motorized

The Planning Department developed a series map using existing data
from the GIS databases. The maps showed existing trails and sidewalks
as well as other non-motorized friendly infrastructure. The maps also
included Bus routes and an area depicting a 15 minute Bike Ride from
downtown Highland Park. The maps were used supplemental material for
report on why a complete streets and non-motorized plan was required for
The City. The goal of the report was to describe existing
infrastructure that was friendly for non-motorized transportation. It
goes on to describe how infrastructure could be improved to make it
friendlier for non-motorized transportation. Some examples included in
the report are adding new sidewalks and adding bicycle lanes to existing

The Planning Department was able to quickly create most of the maps
by using existing GIS data. Thus saving the expense of hiring an
outside contractor develops the maps. Because the GIS data updated
continuously, it will be also be easy to create updated maps as need