Downtown Skokie Parking Ordinance Map

The Village of Skokie, IL recently altered their municipal lot parking restrictions throughout the downtown area of the village. In order to make this transition easy for Skokie residents and visitors, a map product that displays parking times and locations is an important asset. The Village of Skokie needed a map to bring to board members and the public alike.

The data gathering was a collaboration between the policymakers in Skokie and work orders from the newly placed signage at these parking lots. To assist with creating the desired map product, the village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department reviewed the signage work orders to create the data and then reviewed the map with the policymakers to make sure it was accurate. Since this map faced the public and would be on the web site for the public to reference, it was important that this map be accurate.

The finished map now provides an easily referenced resource for future policy decisions and for residents or visitors to Skokie to know where they are allowed to park their vehicle and when. Most importantly, it prevents confusion during the transition since there are a number of different time restrictions.