Drainage Basin Improvements


Having the largest business park in the nation provides Elk Grove
Village, IL many benefits as a community and initiating improvements to
make it even more desirable to current and future business owners is an
ongoing objective of Village staff. In 2011 the Village began planning
for a major drainage system improvement program. In many ways they have
utilized their geographic information system (GIS) to support those

With GIS the Engineering and Public Works staff was able to identify
the location of existing storm sewer infrastructure and open ditch
locations, generate statistics and measurements, trace the flow of
runoff from any point along the system, map the connectivity and extent
of each drainage basin, and produce maps for the business park as a
whole and each basin within that area of town to its exit point. Using
the GIS gave staff the tools to thoroughly understand the existing
conditions and plan a program budget to prepare future improvements and
to maintain the existing system.