Edens enterprise application support


The Tyler Edens application is an important finical and permit
enterprise system that allows the city easily track finances and permit
status. The application will only function efficiently if it has good
base information such as zoning districts, addresses, and owner
information. This information is readily available but requires the
tools within the GIS to combine this information into one table. The
GIS tools also clean up the County provided assessor owner information
to assure owners within the city of Highland Park have correct street
names. The GIS office annually creates a flattened import file that is
used to keep the Edens data current.

A second role of the GIS is providing the layers for the interactive
map within Edens. This map shows parcels, buildings, and utilities. By
using the map, users scan interactively select properties and see the
related records for each property. Thus making workflows more efficient
as users do not need to manually search by addresses.

A final support process of the GIS is creating the impervious values
for each property. The impervious areas used to asses a storm water fee
for water billing customers. Without GIS, the Edens application
would not contain much of the valuable information it now contains and
would create more frustration for users trying to use the application.


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