EDENS Update Process is Enhanced by GIS

​The Tyler Edens application is a vital financial and permit
enterprise system that gives the City of Highland Park easy access to
tracking finances and permits. To make this system perform effectively,
it requires accurate and updated base data such as address and owner
information. This data is readily available from Lake County but in its
original form would not work for the Edens System, so GIS is used to
mold this data into one easy to use table. Previously, a simple Model
Builder script was used to transform the County data, clean it up and
put it into an acceptable form for Edens. An export file would then be
sent to the correct Highland Park IT staff for further analysis. This
was done between 1-2 times a year and was being started manually by GIS
staff. Now, a new Python Script has been developed to make this a smooth
and nearly effortless process that can be completed more often.

With the development of a new script, GIS has created a monthly
scheduled task to run that will create an output table of cleaned up
Lake County Data for delivery to the IT Department. This new change will
provide Edens with more up to date data that is more reliable for the
City of Highland Park.

Without GIS, the Edens application would not contain such vital and
valuable data and would not be able to view more up to date information.
GIS gives Edens reliable data in an easy to use and understand table
for users.