Emergency Event Tool is activated in Business Intelligence


The Village of Winnetka has been hard at work developing and
fine-tuning its Emergency Event Tool for emergencies as flooding,
tornadoes, blizzards and more. This tool was brought to the test on
April 18th, 2013 after a major flooding event in the Chicagoland area.
Winnetka was experiencing large amounts of downpour rain in a small
amount of time and required the assistance of GIS and Business
Intelligence to track flooding patterns and areas of concern. Through
the Emergency Event Tool, the flooding was able to be further analyzed
by staff.

Having an overall visual of where the emergency is happening and any
patterns can lead to more efficient response times. The Emergency Event
Tool is staff-controlled through an Access Database and implemented in
real time mapping through Business Intelligence. With just a click of
the mouse, Winnetka staff is able to view where the emergency is
occurring at any moment with the most up to date information. This was
proven to be essential in tracking the April 18th event. Staff was
trained on how to use the Access Data Entry Form and how to report
calls. Once a staff member entered an event, the Emergency Event Tool in
Business Intelligence would immediately update its data. In an
emergency event, having up to date information is crucial and the
Emergency Event Tool does just that!

Real-time emergencies are inevitable but can be better controlled and
tracked with the Emergency Event Tool. Through the analysis of events
such as April 18th, the Village of Winnetka is able to develop and
execute efficient policies and standards for future events.