Emergency Management Map Books


The Village of Glencoe is a small community and is surrounded on all
sides by Highland Park, Northbrook, Winnetka, and Lake Michigan. On
occasion, these other communities have to provide emergency aid to
locations within the Village of Glencoe limits. Since the neighboring
fire and police department don’t have an intimate knowledge of Glencoe,
like its own emergency management department does, they need extra
information provided to them to make sure they can respond to call in a
timely manner. The Village asked the GIS Department to create a map
book that could be handed out to neighboring communities, which would
provide them with essential information if they needed to respond to a

Each page in the map book corresponds to one of the ten fire
districts within the village. Each page shows information such as:
addresses, streets, important buildings, and fire hydrant locations with
flow rates. The back page contains a street name list that lets the
user know what fire grid each street is located in and if that street
spans multiple grids. The map books are 8.5” x 11”, so they are small
enough that they can be stored in an emergency vehicle. By using GIS,
the Village of Glencoe was able to put together important information
for neighboring communities in a portable format that provides emergency
responders with crucial information about the Village.