Empowering users to edit utility data in the field


Providing users with the ability to edit utility information in the
field is a powerful tool for keeping utility information current. The
Village of Mundelein, IL is using two options to provide employees with
the ability to update utility data.

The first approach is using a web based mapping application developed
by the Geographic Information System (GIS) Consortium called MapOffice™
Web Access. This application allows users to select utility features
and update the information directly in their web browser. At this time,
the village uses this tool primarily to update sewer jetting and
installed date information. There are planned updates to the
application that will allow users to move existing utilities or add new
utilities as needed. After this update to the application, it is
expected that Public Works employees will be able to update the utility
data on their own after small in house construction projects, thereby
improving data maintenance and better optimizing the data update

A second approach, which is currently in development, is integrating
GIS data directly with their sewer televising application, called
Granite XP. In this application, video files are linked to GIS data.
Furthermore, the information for each pipe and structure is displayed
and can be edited directly in the applications interface. So, if a user
is televising a line, and they notice that a pipe’s material is marked
incorrectly in the GIS data, they can make the necessary change right
there while in the field.

Both methods mentioned above allow users to update information
without going the time consuming process of marking up a printed map and
delivering it to the GIS Office. Using these methods of data
management empowers users to be more proactive in maintaining the
utility information and gives them the confidence that edits are being
captured correctly.