English Language Learners

Using the village’s Geographic Information System (GIS), tabular data
can be visualized and placed into geographically correct places. The
Recreation Department, in conjunction with school districts 74 and 219,
has created a free service for new residents who do not use English as
their primary language to familiarize themselves with the community and
its resources. This service includes a bus tour of important places in
and around Lincolnwood.

The GIS department was asked to assist the Recreation Department by
creating a map. Using GIS, the village was able to create a map for
this event depicting useful resource centers as well as other important
places such as the Post Office and grocery stores throughout the
village. While GIS can be used for detailed geographic analysis, its
roots as a mapping application can also be very beneficial. By placing
and labeling points on a street map of Lincolnwood, residents can easily
navigate and return to places of interest located on the map. Also,
using this map can give the residents and village staff an overview of
the sites not included on the bus tour just as much as the ones the ones
that are. Included in the margin of this map was a list of sites
outside of Lincolnwood’s boundary that are beneficial to new residents,
thus providing one more additional and valuable resource.

By working together it is easy to note that GIS Department in
conjunction with the Recreation Department have come together to help
the residents of Lincolnwood find their way to resource centers located
both inside and outside of the village.