Enhancing a street sweeping report


The Director of Public Works tasked the Street Department with
developing a presentation of the street sweeping schedules for a
presentation to the Village Administration. The Street Department
created a good report describing the street sweeping cycles but the
Director of Public Works felt that graphic displays of the schedule
would be more useful. Therefore they decided to create a series of
maps showing street sweeping zones and various street sweeping
maintenance scenarios.

The first map is a Street Sweeping Zone map that shows the location o
f the seven work zones used by the Village to manage when areas of the
Village are swept. The GIS Office created a paper map that is used with
a formal report. The second map was also a paper map but focused on
the downtown area and showed what streets were swept every Friday during
the summer. These streets are swept more frequently during the summer
to ensure the downtown area has a clean look. The final map was a
storm structure street sweeping maintenance map. This was a village
wide map that showed which streets get swept before a major storm event.
Some streets are more prone to flooding and require sweeping to remove
debris so that grates do not get clogged with debris during heavy rain

By using data already stored in the GIS the Village was able to
quickly produce maps to enhance the report. The maps provided important
visual information to clarify the information in the report.