Find and Go – The Address Range Search Tool


The Find and Go Search Tool in the MapOffice Application is one of
the most useful tools that the program offers. This tool allows the user
to put in a specific address, and after clicking the search icon the
map will then navigate to that specific address. The location where the
map will navigate to is called the Address Pin Point. The Address Pin
Points are based on county information, where they link to their Parcel
Identification Number, which is then linked to a specific address.

A problem that many users make is that they type in the address
incorrectly. By using a Street Address Range for every road, the entire
100 block (ex. 1300-1399) is included. Each street is built in the
database as having a 100 block of every address, with the odd and even
addresses defined as either being to the left or right of the centerline
of the road. If a user spells the street correctly with an incorrect
address that is within a 100 block of an existing address when searching
for an address, the user will be navigated to an estimated location.
The second problem a user may come across is typing the correct street,
but with a different name (Route 83 vs. McHenry Rd). The GIS Specialist
has the ability to list all of the possible alternative names for each
of the streets in the Alias table, which is used to direct the user to
the street name that is used in the address database.

The advanced address search capabilities allow this tool to be the
most commonly used tool by both the community staff and public. The
Public Works Department in Elk Grove Village has a tree inventory that
has all of the residential ash trees that are located for removal, with
each tree having a specific address to help the staff identify it. So
when someone in the forestry department wants to confirm the location of
an ash tree for removal, all they need to do is put in the approximate
address to navigate to the location. The alternative would be to
manually zoom in and navigate to the approximate location based on
memory or another reference. This tool is not only extremely useful, but
also saves a great deal of time and resources for the public and
community staff.