Finding impervious surface


In early 2010 a multi-year planimetric data collection project was
completed and the data incorporated into the Village of Riverside GIS
(Geographic Information System) database. Information collected in this
process included features such as roadways, sidewalks, driveways,
recreation areas, curbs, retention walls, among many other things.

This new information provides a great resource of real world features
to incorporate into existing and future map products. Another advantage
of having this much new GIS data is the ability to perform analysis.
And one of the first analysis projects was to determine impervious
surfaces throughout the village. The evaluation consisted of comparing
all impervious surfaces such as driveways, buildings, etc. against the
existing parcel information and then calculating the percentage of each
property that was improved. Looking at the final map output one can
quickly understand where the most improved areas are in the village and
this information can support decisions such as evaluating who would be
most affected by initiation of a storm water fee.