Fire Hydrant Flow Rates

Every few years, coinciding with Emergency Management’s ISO Review, The Village of Glencoe contracts out companies to provide Hydrant Flow Rate Testing out in the field.  This past year, M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. did the testing and upon completion provided the Village with a report containing flow rate and other information pertaining to each fire hydrant.  This data was then integrated with the Village’s current water model so it can be used by Emergency Management and other departments.


The Village provided M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. with a scaled down version of its hydrant database, which included a unique Hydrant ID.  By providing a unique ID number, combined with location information, the Village was able to seamlessly integrate the data back into their GIS water model eliminating the ambiguity in hydrant locations.  With the updated data now in the GIS model, village staff can now view it using the in-house GIS Mapping Software, MapOffice™, or in traditional paper maps.  By using the unique ID number, the Village was able to eliminate a lot of issues with trying to integrate data collected out in the field with data currently in the GIS model.