Fire Incident Live Mapping Using Business Intelligence

In the past, the Elk Grove Village Fire Department has only been able to view its Fire Incident data in a map view, using the Firehouse software application. GIS has successfully connected directly to Firehouse data to create a live mapping view of Fire Incidents for Fire Department staff. Not only can Fire Department Staff now view Fire Incidents within the village by date, but they can also select by type of incident at the same time!


The Fire Incident Business Intelligence view in MapOffice will not only provide staff with a simple, easy to use mapping tool for Incident location lookup, but it can be used to identify patterns in incident location or incident type. For example, if there have been numerous fires occurring within a certain area, Fire Department staff could identify the pattern using the Fire Incident view in Business Intelligence to help determine the cause. Another benefit is that this is a live data connection, which saves time by removing an update procedure to be performed by GIS staff. The live data connection is just one of many great benefits of a Business Intelligence Connection. Lastly, by demonstrating this incident mapping technology, Fire Department staff will take more care and quality assurance as to the address or incident location put into Firehouse database. By doing this, there will be an increase in the quality of incident data in addition to the knowledge of the countless possibilities of analysis that may be performed.