Fire Inspection Reporting

The Village of Oak Brook, IL routinely inspects commercial properties to insure each building is compliant with local, regional and federal fire safety standards.  This is a standard practice across all municipal and regional fire agencies, performed by fire prevention bureaus and often tracked in paper or digital format.  Oak Brook’s fire department has been using software called Firehouse™ to track the type, location, frequency, and findings of all inspections done throughout the Village.  This information is regularly accessed and reviewed by administrative personnel, but can sometimes provide too much information or be overly complex to access and consolidate into a consumable format.  In order to have a quick reference summary for the previous month’s inspections, the village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department was asked to map all inspections and categorize them by the type of inspection that took place.

In order to not duplicate work being done within the Firehouse™ software, the GIS department decided to setup a live connection to the table within Firehouse™ that is tracking inspection information.  This type of live connection allowed the fire department to continue tracking inspections as they always have within Firehouse™, but also provides an automated process that allows staff to map each inspection location and access its pertinent information through the village’s web mapping application, MapOffice™.  The process for retrieving and displaying this information in MapOffice™ allows for weekly, monthly, and annual summaries of the data to be easily generated by staff without having to duplicate any data entry or change their daily inspection tracking process.  By integrating GIS with their already existing operations, administrative personnel now has a tool that summarizes all the information they’re looking for in and easy to use, visual format.