Fire response analysis in Park Ridge


The City of Park Ridge Fire Department, like all other Fire
Departments, takes great pride in responding to their residents in a
quick and timely manner. Part of taking pride in this service means
that they are prepared at all times and are ready to act when the bell
goes off. Their hard work doesn’t stop there though, as they are always
investigating ways to improve their systems and response times to
incidents within and outside the city limits. Whether it is receiving a
good numerical grade for the Public Protection Classification (PPC*) or
a high rating for Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS*), the Fire
Department is always enhancing their efficiency to provide a great

In addition to the tests listed above, the Park Ridge Fire Department
contacted the Geographic Information System (GIS) Department in order
to evaluate the response time network covered by five-minute response
areas. The base layer for the response time network consists of a road
centerline feature. Information added to the road centerline feature,
including speed limits and one-way restrictions allowed for response
times to be calculated. Using the formula of “60*length of segment/speed
limit,” a response time was populated for each segment. The response
time is the cost of travelling that segment of road. Placing other
restrictions including turns, stop signs as well as prohibited u-turns
for modeling intersections only increased the accuracy of the network.

When the final product of the road centerline feature was completed
it was then run through a specific GIS tool that would trace all street
segments for five-minutes worth of drive time from each fire station in
the city. The result of this analysis was a highlighted area of
coverage from each fire station, which allowed the Fire Department to
visually see where coverage did and did not exist. In this case the
test successfully proved that the two Park Ridge fire stations were
accurately located within the city allowing them to reach all corners of
town within a five-minute drive time.

In conclusion, it is great to see how the Park Ridge IL, Fire
Department, along with the assistance of the GIS Department, were able
to work together in order to continue to providing the city with a safe
and efficient service for their residents.