GIS aids in identifying road reconstruction projects


Pozzolan is a material, when combined with calcium hydroxide,
exhibits the properties of cement and is commonly used as an addition to
concrete mixtures for road base. During the late 60’s and early 70’s,
The Village of Wheeling used pozzolan in many of its roads that were
built or reconstructed at that time. Eventually, the roads that were
built with pozzolanic material started to crack and break apart due to
the amount of moisture that pozzolanic material retains. Even when the
roads were resurfaced, the material would cause it to crack and shift
after a few years. This resulted in the roads having to be resurfaced
more frequently. The Village decided that it would eventually have to
rebuild the base of all roads built with pozzolanic material that
haven’t been rebuilt already.

The engineering department requested that a map be created showing
the locations of all roads known to still contain pozzolanic material.
The department also requested that the area of each road surface be
calculated so a replacement cost could be estimated for all the
pozzolanic roads. Using existing base data, the roads were mapped out
and then using the area of the road surface, replacement estimations
were made. By using GIS, the Village of Wheeling was able to quickly
map out the locations of roads built with pozzolanic material and then
create an accurate cost estimate for replacing the material.