GIS and Earth day in Norridge


In April 2012, the Village of Norridge decided, in honor of Earth
Day, to hold a village wide clean up of all village parkways. The idea
was for residents to volunteer their time and pick up trash and garbage
along roads in the village and then drop it off at designated locations.
The Public Works department would then pick up all the trash left at
each drop off. The Village asked the GIS department to put together a
series of maps to inform the residents where they could drop off any
trash they collected.

All of the volunteers were given a map book to be referenced in the
clean up process. The map book consisted of the village streets broken
down into specific zones, allowing the volunteers to work in sections
rather than just wandering each street at their leisure. This would
ensure that all sections of the village were cleaned. Then each
previously designated drop off point was added to the maps so that the
volunteers could see where they had to drop off the trash collected in
their specific zone. By using GIS, the Village was able to provide
better information for their volunteers.