GIS Assisting with Drainage Complaints

​The Village of Glenview has currently been tasked to come up with
ways to more effectively and efficiently answer and fix drainage issues,
and has requested assistance from the GIS department. One solution
would be to set up a storm water fund, supplying that fund by applying a
utility tax, and using it to perform maintenance on drainage ditches
(which is currently not maintained by the Village.) GIS created data and
maps that display major and minor public ditches and major and minor
private ditches, and these maps will potentially be used to present to
the Board of Trustees to assist with the approval of setting this storm
water fund up.

Another solution is using GIS to assist with centralizing all
complaint data (permits, subdivision plats, and etc.) for the inspectors
to use in the field. The historical and current data is stored in
Laserfiche (document management system) and MUNIS (records and work
order system.) By using GIS to combine these two applications and
viewing it through Map Office Advanced it will save the inspectors a lot
of research time beforehand (before the inspectors go out on a
complaint they have research and determine solutions andor who is at

By using GIS it provides the Inspectors and the Village with a faster
and a more cost effectively way for dealing with drainage complaints.