GIS assisting with road ownership


The Village of Tinley Park is responsible for the maintenance of
approximately 167 miles of roadways within its municipal limits. This
includes anything from plowing and pot hole filling to street sweeping
and crack sealing. This makes the Village the go to source when a
resident asks, “Why isn’t my street plowed” or “Who is responsible for
filling a pothole?” More often than not the calls that are received by
the village pertaining to road complaints are residents calling for one
of the approximately 60 miles of roads that are in the village but, are
owned and maintained by a different entity, such as the county or a
homeowners association.

There are at least five different classifications of road ownership
in the Village of Tinley Park; State, Will County, Cook County, Private
and Village Owned. At some points along a road ownership may change 3
times. Having this many classification makes it impossible for anyone
to know intuitively who owns and is responsible for maintaining a
certain stretch of road. Many times when a resident calls into comment
on a road, a clerk takes down the address and number of the citizen so
they can research the road and call them back. The turnaround time for
this process can be one or two days. This time lag can also make for a
grumpy resident when they are told two days later the village is not
responsible for fixing a problem. With the implementation of GIS and Map
Office Advance in Tinley Park, the question of ownership can be
determined with the resident on the phone. Using a custom overlay the
clerk can find the address using the Find and Go tool and by simply
checking a box display the ownership of a road. Thanks to GIS the
process is reduced from a couple of days to a couple of minutes thus
allowing village employees to better serve the residents.